Scott (scott_lynch) wrote,

Jim Hines' Rape Crisis Center Fundraiser: The Book of Bear and Lynch

Jim Hines is doing his annual rape crisis centers fundraiser all month; as an incentive for donations to suitable organisations or crisis centers, he's offering a slate of neat prizes, raffle-fashion. All the details can be found in the post linked above.

My partner, the lovely and talented Elizabeth Bear, has a little new book out that you might have heard of, called Range of Ghosts. Bear and I are making a hardcover copy of RoG our prize contribution to Jim's fundraiser.

But this is no ordinary copy of the book... from April 16th to May 6th, Bear and I are zooming hither and yon across the northeast, from NYC to Boston to Albany to Maine and back again. We'll be bringing the book with us, scribbling dueling notes in it at each other, drawing in it, and inserting mementos, postcards, and other little surprises into its pages. By the time we're finished with it, it'll be one uniquely encrusted hermit crab of a book, chock full of weirdness. One of god's own prototypes, never even intended for mass production.

And it can be yours... with a little luck, and with a donation to an extremely worthy cause.
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